Asokan Thondiyath


B.Tech, Calicut University
M.Tech, NIT, Calicut
Ph.D, IIT, Madras

Email: asok[at]
Phone: 4707 (+91 44 2257 4707)
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Professional Experience

    • Assistant Director, Ministry of Industry
    • Scientist, DRDO
    • Post Doctoral/ Research Fellow, Nanayang Technological University, Singapore
    • Post Doctoral Fellow, Stanford University, USA
    • Associate Professor, IIT Madras

Areas of Research

  • Robotics (underwater robots, mobile robots and medical robots)
  • Electro hydraulic Controls
  • Mechatronics
  • Medical devices

Courses Taught

  • ED 5315 Introduction to Field and Service robotics (NEW)
  • ED3151 Industrial Automation and Robotics(NEW)
  • ED 5051 Design of Implantable and Life supporting systems (NEW)
  • ED5020 Surgical Device Design
  • ED5311 Medical Device Innovation (NEW)
  • ME7020 Robotics and Robot Applications
  • ME 7430 Oil Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • ME7520 Servo and Proportional Hydraulics
  • ED1100 Functional and Conceptual Design
  • ED3090 Introduction to System Design (NEW)
  • ED3020 Design for X
  • ED2060 Product Design Lab- I
  • ED3110 Product Design Lab- II
  • ED3120 Mechatronics Lab

Publications(Last 5 Years)

  • Saravanakumar S., Asokan T. (2013), Multipoint Potential Field Method for Path Planning of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in 3D Space, Journal of Intelligent Service Robotics (Springer), in press (DOI: 10.1007/s11370-013-0138-2)
  • Santhakumar Mohan, Asokan T.(2012), Power Efficient Dynamic Station Keeping Control of a flat-fish type Autonomous Underwater Vehicle through Design Modifications of Thruster configuration, Ocean Engineering 58 (2012) 11–21(Elsevier)
  • Saravanakumar Subramanian and Asokan Thondiyath (2012), An Improved Guidance Algorithm for Smooth Transition at Way-Points in 3D Space for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Int. Nat. Journal of Ocean Systems Engineering, Vol. 2(3), 2012
  • Periasamy T, Asokan T, Singaperumal M. (2012), Investigations on the Dynamic Coupling in AUV- Manipulator System and the Manipulator Trajectory Errors Using Bond Graph Method, International Journal of Systems Science, , Vol. 43 (6), pp.1104-1122 DOI: 10.1080 / 00207721. 2010.543488
  • 2. Santhakumar Mohan, and Asokan Thondiyath (2011), A nonlinear tracking control scheme for an underactuated autonomous underwater robotic vehicle, Int. Nat. Journal of Ocean Systems Engineering 1(3), (2011) 120-135. (DOI 10.5574/IJOSE/2011.1.3.120)
  • Santhakumar M., Asokan T., (2011) Investigations on the dynamic station keeping of an underactuated autonomous underwater robot, International Journal of Simulation
    Modelling 10 (2011) 3, 145-157. (DOI 10.2507/IJSIMM10(3)4.185)
  • Manecius Selvakumar, Jaimurugan, Udhayakumar, Asokan T. (2011), Station Keeping Control Algorithm for ROVs: Simulation Studies, Int. J. on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology, Vol. 05, No. 02. (DOI: 01.IJRTET.05.02.131)
  • S. A. Salman, Sreenatha A. Anavatti , T. Asokan (2011), Adaptive fuzzy control of unmanned underwater vehicles, Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, Vol. 40(2), April 2011, pp.168-175
  • Santhakumar M., Asokan T. (2010) A self – tuning proportional – integral – derivative controller for an autonomous underwater vehicle, based on Taguchi method. Journal of Computer Science 6 (8): 862-871
  • Santhakumar M., Asokan T. (2010), Investigations on the Hybrid Tracking Control of an Underactuated Autonomous Underwater Robot, Advanced Robotics Vol. 24, No. 11, pp. 1529-1556
  • Santhakumar M., Asokan T. (2010), Planar Tracking Control of an Underactuated Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, International Journal of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering V 4(1), pp 32-37
  • Santhakumar Mohan, Asokan T (2009), Non-linear Adaptive Control System for an Underactuated Autonomous Underwater Vehicle using Dynamic State Feedback, Int. Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering, Vol. 2 (5), pp 380-384
  • Santhakumar Mohan, Asokan T and T. Sreeram (2009) Analysis of Parameter Sensitivity Using Robust Design Techniques for a Flatfish Type Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Int. Nat. Journal of Quality, Systems and Reliability, Vol. 2009, pp1-11

Awards & Patents


  • Indo-Australian Senior Scientist S&T Fellowship 2012-13 (Awarded by Indian National Science Academy)
  • Visiting Fellowship, University of New South Wales, Australia (Jan -March 2013)
  • Invention Award by M/s Intellectual Ventures for students’ design project (2012)
  • Student Design Contest-NacoMM 2011, First Prize, 2011
  • GE- IITM research Expo Innovation award for student research project 2011 (Second Prize) for “Coconut Harvester Robot”
  • Stanford-India biodesign post-doctoral fellowship 2009
  • Research grant from IIT Madras for Innovative Student Design Project 2009
  • Visitng Research Fellowship, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia(2008-2010)
  • Design Innovation Award, International Design Exhibition, London, UK., for student design project (2007)
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship, National Science &Technology Board (Now known as ASTAR), Singapore. (2000-2002)Institute Research Scholarship, IIT, Madras(1991-1994)
  • Fourth Position in University for M.Tech
  • Graduate Scholarship (1989-91), Govt. Of India
  • School First for SSLC examination and Best student award
  • National Merit Scholarship from Govt. of India(1979-1988)


  • A non-destructive method to identify used syringes (filed in 2012)
  • Combinational scissor-grasper tool for use in laparoscopy (filed 2010; licensed to M/s Intuitive surgicals, USA))
  • An immobilisation device for medical application (filed, 2009; Licensed to M/s Hindustan Latex))
  • Efficient Descaling Device for Inner Wall of a Tank (filed in 2008)
  • Modulated switching control of ON/OFF poppet valves for proportional flow control (Patent No: P-No. 122827, Application no: 200406701-3, Singapore)