Controls Laboratory

Course Content

Experiments with Thermal process systems, Magnetic levitation (non linear control), Inverted pendulum, Flow Measurements and control etc.

Quarter-car Suspension Setup
Gyroscope Control Setup
Inverted Pendulum Setup

List of Experiments

Sensors and Instruments
Operating principles of various types of sensors such as resistive sensors, capacitive sensors, inductive sensors and optical sensors are discussed and demonstrated.
Inverted Pendulum
Study of the inverted pendulum and its stabilization through control.
Multi Tank Flow Control :
Regulation of flow between multiple connected tanks using Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control.
Electro Pneumatics
Construction and demonstration of electro pneumatic circuits.
Process Control
Control of temperature using a PID controller.
Magnetic Levitation System
Control the position of the levitating ball using a PID controller.
Modular Servo System
Control of angular position and speed of a DC servomotor.
Gyroscopic System
Control of orientation of a floating body.
Brake Control
Control the system pressure in an air brake system.