Antenna Theory and Design

ED 5316Antenna Theory and Design

Course Contents:
Electromagnetic fundamentals – time varying fields, retarded potentials, Poynting’s theorem, source-field relationship, far-field integrals, reciprocity theorem, Schelkunoff equivalence principle, gain, directivity, receiving cross section
Wire antennas – image theory, monopole above ground plane, center-fed dipole, travelling wave on a loop and helix, radiation patterns of dipoles, loops and helices
Linear Arrays – antenna element theory, pattern formulas for arbitrary element positions, linear arrays, Schelkunoff’s unit circle representation, rectangular grid arrays
Self impedance and mutual impedance of antenna elements – General formulation for antenna current distribution, method of moments, solution to Hallen’s Integral equation for impedance calculation, self and mutual impedance of dipoles
Radiation patterns of horns, patches and slot antennas – open ended waveguides, horn antennas, radiation from horns, radiation from center-fed slot in ground plane, waveguide-fed slots, radiation patterns of slot antennas
Patch antennas – feeding methods and analysis, rectangular and circular patch antennas, quality factor, bandwidth and antenna efficiency, arrays and feed networks
Reflector and lens antenna – introduction to geometrical optics, simple reflectors, design using geometrical optics, radiation pattern of reflector antennas, dielectric lenses, stepped lenses, dielectric lens antenna – design and far field pattern
Frequency independent antennas – theory, spiral antennas, log-periodic antennas

Text Books:

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