Automotive Engines and Systems

ED 5165Automotive Engines and Systems 4--4PMT

Introduction and Overview – History of automobiles and an overview of a modern car.

Engines – Applications of IC engines, Types of engines and their working, Classification, Automotive engines their systems and requirements, Ideal engine cycles, Factors affecting thermodynamic efficiency, Actual engine cycles, Valves, timing and mechanisms, Mixture requirements in SI and CI engines, Mixture preparation systems for SI and CI engines, Ignition systems and combustion chambers, Combustion in SI and CI engines.

Transmission and Drivelines – Clutches, Manual Transmission and Automatic Transmission, Transmission matching.

Steering System and Steering Dynamics – Mechanism, wheel alignment and steering dynamics.

Suspensions – Components and type of suspension, roll center analysis, tires and their role in handling and ride.

Brake Systems – Principles, Dynamics and Components, Antilock Brake System.

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