Automotive Engines and Systems lab

ED 3150Automotive Engines and Systems lab--32PML

Engine testing and performance, Performance parameters of an engine, Measurement of engine performance.

Experiments on automotive engine test rigs: 2 stroke petrol engine, 2 stroke diesel engine, 4 stroke petrol engine (single cylinder and multi cylinder), 4 stroke diesel engine (single cylinder and multi cylinder).

Study of the following automotive subsystems using demonstrators and cut section models: Air conditioning, Antilock Braking System. Brakes (hydraulic and pneumatic), Fuel injection and ignition, Steering, Suspension, Transmission (manual and automatic).

Text Books:
1). V. Ganesan, Internal Combustion Engines, Tata McGraw Hill, 2007.

1). R. Stone, Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines, 3rd Edition, Palgrave, 1999.