Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

ED 5313Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

Course Contents:

Introduction to Biomedical Signals – ECG, EEG & EMG signals.
Continuous time signal Analysis – Fourier Transform – Introduction and properties.
Sampling – Sampling theorem, A/D conversion
Discrete time Fourier Transform – Introduction and properties, Z-transform
Filter design – Introduction, Butterworth, Chebyshev Filters
Applications of the concepts to ECG signals
Fundamentals of Image acquisition in biomedical image processing, Image enhancement in spatial and frequency domain.
Image segmentation – Thresholding, region-based and boundary-based methods, Biomedical examples
Image registration: Linear spatial transformations and non-linear transformation

Text Books:

1. Rangaraj M Rangayyan, Biomedical Signal Analysis, Wiley India, 2005
2. G.Dougherty, Digital Image Processing for medical applications, Cambridge
University Press, 2009


1. B.P.Lathi, Principles of Signal Processing and Linear Systems, Oxford, 2009
2. Mark A Haidekher, Advanced Biomedical Image Analysis, John Wiley & Sons, 2011.