Biomemitic Design

ED5318Biomemitic Design

Introduction – basic principles, building blocks, material property charts, how the study of nature’s designs can help engineers, examples of successful biomimetic designs.
Mechanical design – hierarchical construction, bio-composites, structure & properties of bamboo, silks, bones, teeth, shells, antlers and beaks, impact resistance, fracture mitigation, damping, self-healing.

Surface engineering – lotus effect, geko adhesion, Velcro, pitcher plants, synovial joints, bio-fouling, coatings. Thermal control – heat dissipation, insulation of fur and feathers, constructal theory.

Sensors & actuators – whiskers, magnetics, muscles, snap-action, seed dispersal, mantis shrimp.

Bio-optics – structural colors, compound eyes, antireflection, stealth, imaging.

Locomotion – limbs, wings, flight, swimming, drag reduction, applications to drones & robots.

Navigation – short & long range navigation techniques of bees, ants, turtles & migratory birds.

Design project – application of biomimetic principles to an engineering design.

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