Computational Methods for Biomedical Design

ED 5030Computational Methods for Biomedical Design 3--3PMT
Introduction to Finite Strain Elasticity – Stress and strain measures, constitutive equations in

Introduction to finite elements – Procedure, Types of elements, Isoparametric formulations.

Nonlinear finite elements – Solution procedures Case studies in biomedical design and biomechanics Finite Element and Finite volume techniques in Fluid mechanics.

The fluid mechanics of blood flow. Case studies in flow analysis for biomedical design

Text Books:

1. J.D. Humphrey and S.L. Delange, An Introduction to Biomechanics, Springer 2004
2. Y.C. Fung Biomechanics: Mechanical properties of living tissues , Springer 1993
3. Y.C. Fung Biomechanics: Motion, Flow, Stress and Growth, Springer 1990