Design, Analysis and Control of Robot Manipulators

ED 5314Design, Analysis and Control of Robot Manipulators

Course Content:

Kinematic and dynamic objectives in design: mobility, workspace, singularities, isotropy and dynamic manipulability; case studies in planar manipulators, e.g., 3-RRR and spatial parallel manipulators, e.g., Gough-Stewart platforms.
Control and path-planning: trajectory-tracking control schemes using dynamic models; trajectory-tracking control in the presence of singularities; control schemes in the task-space and the joint space; case studies in planar and spatial parallel manipulators.

Text books:

a) Ashitava Ghosal, “Robotics: Fundamental Concepts and Analysis”, Oxford University Press (2006)
b) Richard M. Murray, Zexiang Li, S. Shankar Sastry, “A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation” CRC Press, (1994)
c) Jean-Jacques E. Slotine, Weiping Li, “Applied Nonlinear Control”, Prentice Hall (1991)
d) Rafael Kelly, Victor Santibanez, Antonio Loria, “Control of Robot Manipulators in Joint Space”, Springer-Verlag (2005)


a) J. P. Merlet, “Parallel Robots”, Kluwer Academic Publishers (2006)

Suggested publications from journals and conference proceedings