Fluid Mech. and Heat Transfer

ED 2030 Fluid Mech. and Heat Transfer 3--3PMT

Fluid Mechanics – Classification of fluid motion.- Basic Equations of Hydrostatics. -Analysis of submerged surfaces. – Buoyancy and Stability. (4 hrs.)
Conservation of mass, momentum and energy – Applications (8 hrs.)
Introduction and Classification of Fluid Machines – Analysis of Turbo machinery flows – Performance characteristics of turbo machines (8 hrs)
Heat Transfer: Conduction – General Conduction Equation – One dimensional Steady state conduction- Fins and Extended Surfaces – Transient conduction of lumped and distributed systems. (7 hrs.)
Convection: Boundary Layers – dimensionless group for convection – Forced Convection – Laminar flow in a pipe –flow over cylinders, spheres Elements of free convection – (7 hrs.)
Turbulent flow in pipes – Introduction to the analysis of heat exchangers (3 hrs.)
Elements of Radiative Heat Transfer (3 hrs.)

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