Graphic Art I

ED 1300Graphic Art I--32BES
Skilled base course with focuses on Drawing as a medium for expression and communication through drawn images. It will enhance the ability to represent images, ideas and concepts as observations and thinking process.

Studies will include: Interrelatedness of visual forms in terms of size, scale and overall proportion. Understanding basics principles of perception including depth and its representation. Introduction to different media, tools and instruments to create surface textures.

Assignments will include:

1. Skill enhancing assignments in developing basic drawing of lines – straight, curvilinear, angular, thick, thin, plane, volume etc.
2. Nature drawing – including Human/Animal/Birds – to study shapes and forms
3. Representation of basic 3-dimensional forms – Cubes, Cylinders, Cones, Spheres etc. in different combinations and sizes to understand principles of perspectives.
4. Some assignments in drawing and quick sketching.


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