Industrial Automation and Robotics

ED 3151Industrial Automation and Robotics

Automation: Overview of industrial automation- Fixed, programmable, flexible; Levels of automation, Automated flow lines, methods of work part transport, Transfer mechanisms, Automation for machining operations.
Manufacturing Systems: Single station cell, Flexible manufacturing cell, Transfer line cell.
Automated assembly systems: Design for automated assembly, types of automated assembly systems, part feeding devices, quantitative analysis of the delivery system operation.
Material handling and storage system: Functions of the handling system, Material handling equipment.
Automation control system components: Sensors and inspection technology, Actuators, Programmable logic controller, Computerized numerical control drives.
Basics of Industrial Robots, Robot applications in Automation, Robotic assembly, Robotic inspection, Robotic material handling, etc., Offline programming of robots.
Case studies: A few case studies on application of automation to various industries.

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