Manufacturing Science

ED 2070Manufacturing Science 3--3PMT

Manufacturing Process: Overview – Primary and Secondary processes, basis for selecting manufacturing processes (3 hrs)
Fundamentals of Metals casting – Solidification, structure and melting furnaces. An overview of different metal casting processes and applications, (5 hrs)
Fundamentals of Bulk forming Process – Forging, Extrusion and Rolling – Applications with case studies. (3 hrs).
Sheet Metal Forming – Shearing, Deep drawing, Stretch forming etc. Formability of sheet metals. Case studies (3 hrs)
Machining Processes used to produce round shapes – Turning, drilling, reaming, tapping etc. Case studies. (5 hrs).
Machining Processes to produce non circular parts – Milling, Planning, broaching etc. Applications. (5 hrs)
An overview of finishing operations. An Introduction to NC machines. ( 4 hrs)
Engineering Metrology – Gages, measuring straightness, flatness, roundness and profile. Coordinate Measuring Machine. (5 hrs)
An overview of Surface treatment processes . Case Studies. (3 hrs)
Rapid Prototyping Process (3 hrs)

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