Mechanics of Deformable solids

ED 2120*Mechanics of Deformable solids31-4PMT
Basic Continuum Mechanics ( stress and strain; Mohr’s circle, principal stresses and strains), Elasticity (elastic deformation, generalized Hooke’s law, basic equations of elasticity for plane elasticity problems; elastic constants and their relations; strain energy, membrane stresses in thin and thick cylinders and simple shells, thin walled pressure vessels), torsion (torsion of circular shaft, close coiled helical springs; torsion of thin walled open and closed sections and non-circular sections)

Bending Moment and Shearing Force (definitions and conventions, shear and moment equations, bending moment and shearing force diagrams), classical beam theory (bending stresses in beams; various cross-sectional shapes of beams; shear stresses in beams; unsymmetrical bending and shear center; deflection of beams; double integration of governing differential equation), strain energy methods (Castigliano’s theorem, applications)

Buckling (definition of a column, critical buckling load), plasticity (phenomenology of plastic deformation, stress-strain curves, hardening, yielding, von Mises and Tresca yield criteria, plastic bending of beams, limit loads)

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