Mechatronic System Design

ED 5080Mechatronic System Design2-34PMT
Introduction to the field of mechatronics; Mechatronics systems; Mechatronics design approach; Modeling electromechanical system; Introduction to sensors, actuators and their characteristics; Introduction to micro-electromechanical-system, Physical system modeling and simulation ; Micro-fabrication techniques ; Smart instrumentation system; Mechatronics-based embedded system design; smart product design. Case studies relevant to the field of Mechatronic systems and applications.

Mechatronic laboratory includes experiments related to exercises in microcontroller programming and interfacing sensors and actuators, drive control system, automation and modular production system, robotic system, opto-mechatronics, photovoltaic system, mechatronic workstation and mechatronics design project (four weeks).


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