Medical Image Analysis

ED 6001Medical Image Analysis

Course Contents:

Preliminaries: Applied digital image processing, Medical imaging modalities, Image processing software tools.
Segmentation: Description as a partitioning methodology, Segmentation by thresholding, Connected component analysis, Region based methods, Texture segmentation, Atlas based segmentation, Boundary based methods, Extension to 3D image stacks, Evaluation of segmentation algorithms.
Registration : Description, Coordinate systems, Subject and Atlas space, Coordinate transforms, Rigid body registration, Non-Rigid registration, Inter and Intra modality registration, Role of Registration in functional imaging, Guiding medical procedures, Evaluation of registration algorithms.

Text Book:

Insight into Images: Principles and Practice for Segmentation, Registration, and Image Analysis, Terry S. Yoo, AK Peters (Editor), 1st edition (2004), ISBN : 1568812175.
a) Handbook of Medical Imaging : Processing and Analysis, Second Edition (Academic Press Series in Biomedical Engineering), Issac Bankman, Academic Press, 2nd edition (2008), ISBN: 0123739047
b) Medical Image Registration (Biomedical Engineering), Joseph V. Hajnal (Editor), Derek L.G. Hill (Editor) and David J. Hawkes (Editor), CRC, 1st Edition (2001), ISBN: 0849300649.
c) Machine Vision, Wesley E. Snyder and Hairong Qi, Cambridge University Press
(2004), ISBN: 052183046X.