ED 6003Micromechanics

Course Contents:

1. General theory of eigenstrains: Review of elasticity; introductions to inclusions and inhomogeneities
2. Isotropic inclusions: Eshelby’s solution, energies of inclusions, cuboidal inclusions
3. Elliposoidal inhomogeneities: Equivalent inclusion method, energies of inhomogeneities
4. Micromechanics of cracks: Griffith fracture criterion, stress intensity factors
5. Dislocations: Displacement fields, stress fields, plasticity
6. Material properties: Macroscopic averaging, average elastic moduli of composite materials

Text Books:

1. Micromechanics of defects in solids, T. Mura, Second Revised Edition, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1991, ISBN 9-024-73256-5


1. Micromechanics: overall properties of heterogeneous materials, (1999). S. Nemat-Nasser and M. Hori, Second Revised Edition, North-Holland, ISBN 0-444-50084-7
2. Theory of Elasticity, (1970). S. P. Timoshenko and J. N. Goodier, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill International Edition, ISBN 0-07-085805-5
3. Advanced Fracture Mechanics (1985). M. F. Kanninen and C. F. Popelar, Oxford Engineering Science Series, ISBN 0-019-5-3532-1
4. Theory of Dislocations, (1968). J. P. Hirth and J. Lothe, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0-471-09125-1