Motorcycle Dynamics

ED 5270Motorcycle Dynamics

Kinematics of Motorcycles – Geometry and structure of motorcycles, steering system and its effect on kinematics. Pitch, and roll motions.
Motorcycle Tyres – Its construction and characteristics.
Longitudinal Dynamics of Motorcycles – Governing equations for longitudinal dynamics. Resistance forces, optimum braking. Modes of vibration in straight run and stability.

Cornering dynamics – Linear models. Role of tyres. Modes of vibration, stability. Handling metrics and procedures for testing.

In plane Dynamics – Suspension overview, mathematical models for in plane dynamics.

Motorcycle trim and considerations for chassis design.

Text Books:

1. Vittore Cossalter, “Motorcycle Dynamics”, Race Dynamics, 2006.
2. Tony Foales, “Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design”, Tony Foale Designs, 2006


Hans Pacejka, “ Tyre and Vehicle Dynamics” Butterworth, 2002