ME 1100Thermodynamics3--3BET
Fundamentals – System & Control volume, Property, State & Process, Exact & Inexact differentials; Work – Thermodynamic definition of work; examples, Displacement work, Path dependence of displacement work and illustrations for simple processes, Fully resisted, partially resisted and unresisted process, Other forms of work – gravitational, electrical, magnetic, spring and shaft; Temperature – Definition of thermal equilibrium, Zeroth law, Definition of temperature and temperature scales, Various Thermometers; Heat – Definition; examples of heat/work interaction in systems.

First Law – Cyclic & Non-cyclic processes, Concept of total energy E, Demonstration that E is a property, Various modes of energy; Pure substance – Two property rule, Enthalpy and internal energy; Ideal Gases and Mixtures of Ideal Gases; Properties of water-steam system – Const. temperature and Const. pressure heating, Definitions of saturated states, P-v-T surface, Use of steam tables-Saturation tables, Superheated tables, Identification of states & determination of properties; First Law for Flow Processes – Derivation of general energy equation for a control volume, Steady state steady flow processes, Examples of steady flow devices, Unsteady processes; Second law – Definitions of direct and reverse heat engines – Definitions of thermal efficiency and COP, Kelvin-Planck and Clausius statements, Definition of reversible process, Internal and external irreversibilities, Carnot cycle, Absolute temperature scale; Entropy – Clausius inequality, Definition of entropy S, Demonstration that entropy S is a property, Evaluation of S for solids, liquids, and ideal gases undergoing various processes, Determination of s from steam tables, Examples – Turbine, compressor, pump, nozzle, diffuser, Definition of Isentropic efficiency , Available and Unavailable energy, Concept of Irreversibility and Lost work; Thermodynamic cycles – Basic Rankine cycle, Basic Brayton cycle, Basic vapor compression cycle.


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