Ganapathy Krishnamurthi

Assistant Professor

Ph.D (Medical Physics), School of Health Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.
M.S. (Physics), Dept. of Physics, Purdue Univ., W. Lafayette, IN, USA.
M.Sc. (Physics), Department of Physics, IIT Madras, India.
B. Sc. (Physics), University of Madras

Email: gankrish[at]
Phone: Extn. 4745 (+91 44 2257 4745)
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Professional Experience

  • Asst. Prof. in the Dept. of Engineering Design at IIT-M
  • Research Fellow, Mayo Clinic CT-CIC, MN, USA
  • Research Associate, Case Western Reserve Univ., USA
  • Image Analyst, Quadraspec Inc. , W. Lafayette, USA

Areas of Research

  • Design and development of pre-clinical hybrid imaging system (x-ray/optical)
  • Image segmentation of brain structures from MRI images
  • Numerical simulation of X-ray image acquisition and reconstruction
  • Numerical simulation of light propagation through tissue

Courses Taught

  • Design of surgical devices
  • Design of implantable devices & lectures in computed tomography
  • X-ray Computed Tomography image formation, reconstruction methods
  • Teaching Assistant for a variety of undergraduate physics courses

Publications(Last 5 Years)

  • U. R. Acharya et al. Understanding symptomatology of atherosclerotic plaque by imagebased tissue characterization”. In: Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 110.1 (2013), pp. 66-75.
  • Juan C Ramirez-Giraldo et al. Evaluation of Strategies to Reduce Radiation Dose in Perfusion CT Imaging Using a Reproducible Biologic Phantom”. In: American Journal of Roentgenology 200.6 (2013), W621-W627
  • U. Rajendra Acharya, S.Vinitha Sree, Ricardo Ribeiro, Luca Saba, Ganapathy Krishnamurthi, Rui Tato Marinho, João Sanches, Jasjit S. Suri, “Data Mining Framework for Fatty Liver Disease Classification in Ultrasound: A Hybrid Feature Extraction Paradigm”. Medical physics 39.7 (2012), pp. 4255- 4264
  • Filippo Molinari, Ganapathy Krishnamurthi, U. Rajendra Acharya, S. Vinitha Sree, Guang Zeng, Luca Saba, Andrew Nicolaides, and Jasjit S. Suri, “Hypothesis Validation of Far-Wall Brightness in Carotid-Artery Ultrasound for Feature-Based IMT Measurement Using a Combination of Level-Set Segmentation and Registration”, In press IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
  • Ganapathy Krishnamurthi, Charlie Wang, David L. Wilson, “Removal of Subsurface Fluorescence in Cryo-imaging using Deconvolution”, Optics Express, 18 (21), pp. 22324-22338 (2010)
  • Ganapathy Krishnamurthi, Keith M. Stantz, Rosemary Steinmetz, Vince H. Gattone, Gary D. Hutchins and Yun Liang, “Functional imaging in small animals using X-ray computed tomography-Study of physiologic measurement reproducibility”, IEEE transactions on medical imaging, special issue on molecular imaging (2005)