Mechatronic System Design Laboratory ED5080

Course Content

In Mechatronics Laboratory, which lasts for 14 weeks, requires student teams to convert the learning experience into a dedicated project involving problem formulation, design and construction of a mechatronic system, and a final report.

Details of Experiments

Structured component

  • Motor Driver and Control
  • Photovoltaic solar system
  • Microcontroller programming aspects

Unstructured component (Project mode)

  • Project title: Design and development of a universal solar tracker (2012-2013)
  • Brainstorming: Idea generation, Mechanical design
  • Electric circuit design: sensor circuit, motor driver circuit
  • Microcontroller based programming, testing
  • Integration of electro-mechanical system
Understanding functional working of heart pump system
Universal solar tracker
Circuit testing
Electric circuit preparation