Product Design Laboratory-I ED2060

Course Content

Experiments using building blocks, mechanisms, small motor
mechanisms and build a product working model etc; Dissection using dissection modules. Dissection of common consumer products and mapping of function, concept and form. Specifically you will be doing product teardown, redesign and do a small project on product design.

Details of Experiments

The details of experiments and the structure are found at:

S. No. Description
1 Study of electrical product I (Water heater/Geyser)
2 Study of mechanism product (Manual Sewing M/c)
3 Study of biomedical device I ( Microscope + Pulse oxymeter)
4 Study of electro-mechanical product I (Electric drill )
5 Study of biomedical device II ( Infusion Pump)
6 Study of electrical product II (Water dispenser)
7 Study of electro-mechanical products II (Blender)
8 Study of electrical product III (Electric cooker)
9 Study of electro-mechanical products III (Vacuum Cleaner)
10 Study of electrical product (Printer)
11 Study of automotive component I (Fuel injection pump and injector)
12 Study of automotive component II ( Starter Motor )
13 Study of biomedical device III (ECG )