Short Term Course (STC) on Recent Advances in Automotive Systems


Research on Automotive Systems is gaining momentum in India with active participation from academia and industry. Extensive research in the areas of automotive powertrain, safety, control and electronics is being pursued globally. Research in this area has turned increasingly multidisciplinary requiring the efforts of experts from multiple disciplines to solve complex problems. The aim of this short term course is to apprise the participants of recent advances in the field of automotive systems. This short term course would have lectures on topics such as advances in engine and transmission systems, alternative powertrains, active safety, noise vibration and harshness studies and associated analysis. Experts in their respective domains would deliver the lectures and share an overview of the corresponding advances. It is expected that the participants would be able to obtain a broad overview of a few recent advances in the area of automotive systems at the end of this course.


The primary objective of this course is to expose the participants to recent advances in the field of automotive systems. This course would disseminate the latest trends in automotive systems through lectures and laboratory demonstrations.

Course Contents:

  • Advanced engine and transmission systems.
  • Alternative powertrains (electric and hybrid).
  • Active safety systems (electronic stability control).
  • Noise vibration and harshness studies.
  • Automotive electronics (Hardware in Loop testing).
  • Demonstrations and case studies.



The teaching faculty constitutes experts from various departments of IIT Madras and guest speakers from reputed organizations

Venue for classes:

Classes will be held at ED103 (Conference Room), Department of Engineering Design, IIT Madras. Click Here for the location of the Department of Engineering Design building in the IIT Madras campus.

Lecture Notes:

To fully realize the objectives of the course, the lecture notes will be made available to the participants at the time of registration at IIT Madras.

Registration to the course:

Click Here to register and upload the scanned copy of the Sponsorship Certificate. (Sponsorship Certificate is available in the Pamphlet).

Deadline for submitting application: 31st October, 2014
Notification of acceptance: 21st November, 2014


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