AICTE- Short-Term Training Course (STC) on Optical Sensors and Instruments


We are on the cusp of a revolution in information technology through a smarter, energy-efficient network enabled by an amalgamation of electronics and photonics, leading to the much-touted Internet of Things. One of the key technologies at the forefront of this revolution is the physical sensing of parameters such as strain, temperature, pressure, humidity, vibration, rotation, acceleration. Such sensing is not only helping to break down the barriers in the human-machine interface, but also providing a cost-effective way of protecting capital investment in physical structures and providing security.

Photonics is an emerging area, which has already made a huge splash in way we communicate through fiber optic technology, and continues to make waves in smart displays, data storage, high speed computing, material processing as well as sensing applications. Objectives: The short term course at IIT Madras strives to impart adequate background on optical sensors as well as to provide hands-on training to truly appreciate the various sensing concepts. Invited talks from industry experts are planned to further enrich the course.

The course is intended for early stage researchers and teachers, including those pursuing their PhD degrees. Due to the limited number of seats, interested people are strongly encouraged to register early. The course is an interdisciplinary program intended for various fields of engineering and research, such as electrical, electronics, mechanical, and instrumentation engineering.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to optical sensors and their engineering applications
  • Laser assisted sensing and measurements
  • Amplitude/Phase/Wavelength/Polarization-modulated Sensors
  • Biomedical diagnostic techniques
  • Remote sensing applications.
  • The course includes visit to a few laboratories and hands-on experimental practice in teams.



The teaching faculty constitutes experts from various departments of IIT Madras and guest speakers from reputed organizations

Venue for classes:

Classes will be held at ED103 (Conference Room), Department of Engineering Design, IIT Madras. Click Here for the location of the Department of Engineering Design building in the IIT Madras campus.

Lecture Notes:

To fully realize the objectives of the course, the lecture notes will be made available to the participants at the time of registration at IIT Madras.

Registration to the course:

Registration is closed.

A confirmation email will be sent to the selected candidates who have registered for the STC (Optical Sensors and Instruments) by 26.8.2014.