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Dual Degree Program

"From concept to a component that meets a desired function," aptly describes Engineering Design. It is a decision-making process, often iterative, in which the basic sciences and the engineering sciences are applied to convert resources optimally to meet a stated objective.

Students are introduced to the design process in the first year along with fundamental mathematics, science and engineering, graphic art, design, and aesthetics. They are trained not only on the mechanical aspects of design, but also in electronics, controls, and embedded systems for all-round skill development. Courses in geometric modeling, finite elements, materials engineering, human anatomy and Physiology, are also offered in the first three years of the program. Most of the theory courses have a laboratory component also, to impart practical skills. Product dissection and re-engineering laboratory help the students practically dismantle products and re-engineer them. Graphics art laboratory and clay modelling laboratory gives the students experience in the art of making products with an aesthetic appeal. Other important labs are digital and analogue electronics, mechatronics, and control systems.

Students can choose their specialisation at the end of 4th semester, and the domain specialisation happens from 5th semester onwards. Students get the opportunity to understand the nuances of design for a particular domain. Automotive design, biomedical design, and Robotics (Interdisciplinary Dual Degree) are the current specialisations. Practical exposure through laboratory sessions in automotive engines and systems, vehicle dynamics, biomedical devices, and robotics gives them the much-needed foundations in the chosen area of specialisation.

A unique feature of the ED curriculum is the semester-long internship in the industry during which the students work on a 'live' project and receive exposure to current global design practices. Students get the opportunity to work in reputed core industries and can continue their industry project for their final year project. This internship also serves as a platform for the industry to recruit ED students as permanent staff.

Engineering Design is one of the most preferred departments for recruiters. Placement record of ED has always been one of the best in IITM. Some of the major recruiters of our students are Titan, Philips, GE, Bosch, and Siemens, to name a few.

Due to the emphasis given in the curriculum for theory and hands-on experience, many ED students end up as innovators, not just designers. ED has the best record in IIT Madras for its start-up culture. Ather energy, Croleon innovation labs., Shira MedTech., and Saral designs are some of the successful companies started by ED students. There are also ample opportunities for students to do higher studies in reputed universities.