Computer Aided Design


September 12th – 16th, 2011


Course coordinators:

Dr. G. Saravana Kumar; http://ed.iitm.ac.in/~gsaravana

Dr. M. Ramanathan; http://ed.iitm.ac.in/~raman

Sponsored by

All India Council for Technical Education

Organized by

Center for Continuing Education


Department of Engineering Design

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai - 600 036





The Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) supported by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Government of India through All India Council for Technical education (AICTE) aims at developing better teaching capabilities within the country. The main vehicle of this program is the development of curriculum and training of the teachers for the same. The present course titled “Computer Aided Design” is being organized at Department of Engineering Design, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai.


This course aims at introducing both theoretical aspects of computer aided design as well as knowledge needed for practice in industries. Application of CAD in industries is growing at a fast rate in the past few years. Due to the requirement of a better quality of the product and the pressing time constraints, the need for the feasible design alternatives and its applications in the industries is required in the current era. Computer aided design; manufacturing and analysis technologies provide a valuable resource tool for the futuristic design. The emphasis of the Indian industry has shifted from technology absorption to product development. If this welcome shift has to be sustained and supported, the industry must have access to trained man-power that has the necessary skill set for design and manufacture. If more value addition has to take place in India, increasing manpower exposed to these tools and the underlying concepts is a must. If the Indian companies that are presently in this sector wish to move up the value chain, there must be a commensurate increase in the manpower available to them that is trained and well versed with the modern IT based tools used in design and manufacture. This knowledge that the participants will gain from this course can be transferred to the students and in turn everyone will be benefited from this course. The course will cover most important aspects of design using the IT tools such as surface and solid modeling, finite element analysis software, theoretical concepts covering fundamentals of visualization, mathematical basis of surface and solid modeling, computational geometry coupled with the exposure to CAD development and customization, emerging trends in Bio CAD, heterogeneous material modeling etc.


This proceeding contains the course materials for the short term course prepared by the resource persons.




Dr. G. Saravana Kumar and Dr. M. Ramanathan                                          Date:   12.09.2011

Course Coordinators


Department of Engineering Design

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Chennai – 600036.





The coordinators of short term course on “Computer Aided Design” under Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) are thankful to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Government of India for providing financial support to conduct the training  of teachers through AICTE. The coordinators expresses their gratitude to the Director, Deputy Director, Dean Academic Research, Dean Academic Courses and Chairman Centre for Continuing Education, Head Department of Engineering Design, IIT Madras for necessary administrative support to conduct the training programme in the institute.


The coordinators also extend their sincere thanks to the course faculty members of IIT Madras, Dr. Palaniappan Ramu, Dr. Rajiv Sharma and Dr. Sujatha Srinivasan. They also thank the course faculty members from industry, Mr. Yogesh Kulkarni, Mr. Ramesh Pudale, Autodesk India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. A. Kumanan, Precious Microtech., Chennai, Mr. R. Shanmugaraj, Meenush Tech., Kancheepuram and Mr. Viswesh Srinivasan, SVP Lasers, Chennai for their contribution through lectures for the programme.


The coordinators are also thankful to all the faculty members, staffs, research scholars and students who have directly or indirectly helped for successful conduct of this programme. Finally, they thank various engineering colleges and polytechnics for deputing their faculty members to join this short-term course.




Dr. G Saravana Kumar and Dr. M. Ramanathan

Course Coordinators


Department of Engineering Design

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Chennai – 600036.






Computer Aided Design: Introduction

-- Dr. G. Saravana Kumar

Mathematical Elements of Curve and Surface Modeling

-- Dr. G. Saravana Kumar

Fundamentals of Computational Geometry

-- Dr. M. Ramanathan

Problems in Curves and Surfaces

-- Dr. M. Ramanathan

Mesh Modeling and Processing

-- Dr. M. Ramanathan

Mathematical Elements of Solid Modeling

-- Dr. G. Saravana Kumar

Reverse Engineering

-- Dr. G. Saravana Kumar

FEA & Optimization

-- Dr. Palaniappan Ramu

CAD & CAE Integration

-- Mr. Yogesh Kulkarni

Modeling & simulation using Autodesk Inventor

-- Mr. Ramesh Pudale

Introduction to OpenGL

-- Dr. M. Ramanathan

ACIS - Geometric Kernel & Case Study

-- Mr. A. Kumanan

Visualization and Hoops Console Application

-- Mr. R. Shanmugaraj


-- Dr. M. Ramanathan & Dr. G. Saravana Kumar

Design Analysis of heterogeneous Objects

-- Dr. Rajiv Sharma

Teaching and Learning Methodologies

-- Dr. Sujatha Srinivasan


Lecture Notes and Tutorial Materials and other supporting media , source codes are available in the CD. Refer the same. The material only augments the material in the proceedings. Some course slides are also available at -> link.





S.No. Name Organization
2 MANIKANDAN, .K MAM College of Engg.& Tech.Siruganur,Trichy
3 Senthilkumar, R. MNM Jain Engineering College
4 Modi, Yashwant Kumar Jaypee University Of Engg. & Tech., Guna (M.P.)
5 Singh, Sujit Jaypee University Of Engg. & Tech., Guna (M.P.)
6 Mattam, Jenny John Saintgits college of engineering, pathamuttom
7 Giri, R. Rajalakshmi Engg. College. Thandalam, Chennai
8 TAHAMEHKARI, A. H.  Deccan College Of Engg.&Technology
9 Anbazhagan, R. CK College Of Engg&Tecnology
10 Balakrishna,  G. P.V.P.S.I.Tech
11 Chiniwalar, G.V. Hirasugar Insiitute Of Technology,Belgaum, Karnataka
12 Ganesh, P. MIT, Anna University Chrompet, Chennai
13 Gowri Sankar, A MAM College of Engg.& Tech.Siruganur,Trichy
14 Inamdar, D. N.  Hirasugar Insiitute Of Technology,Belgaum, Karnataka
15 Madhusudan Reddy, B.   G. Pullareddy engineering college kurnool (A.P)
17 Naveen Babu, M.  MV SR engg college A.P
19 SUBBA REDDY, J  Srivenkateswara Engg.College,Suryapet,Nalgonds.
20 Sunil Kumar, S. Govt College of Engineering, Painavu
21 Manjunath, N. Bahubali College of Engg, Belagola
22 Vinod Kumar, M.S  Bahubali College of Engg, Belagola
23 Bukhari, Syed Mohibuddin  Deccan College Of Engg.&Technology
24 Thirumalai Kannan, K.  SNS College of Tech 
25 Vanitha, M.K  Krishnasamy College of Engg and Tech 
26 Vara Prasad, V.  G. Pullareddy engineering college kurnool(A.P)

For future communication contact the Course Coordinators.



Dr. G. Saravana Kumar & Dr. M Ramanathan,

Department of Engineering Design

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Chennai – 600 036, Chennai

Ph. No.: 044 2257 4736 , 4734  (Office)

Fax No.: 044 22574732

Email: gsaravana@iitm.ac.in, mraman@iitm.ac.in





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