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NPTEL Online course on Design for Quality, Manufacturing and Assembly Current Session.


My course pages have moved to https://courses.iitm.ac.in/. Students, who are enrolled in the course, can see the updates, course notes and assignments.

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Dr. Saravana Kumar received his PhD from IIT Kanpur in 2004. After a short postdoctoral training as a research associate at the same place, he joined IIT Guwahati in December 2004 as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Saravana Kumar joined the faculty of Engineering Design in December 2008.


In general his research aims at development of representational and computational tools for virtual and physical prototyping applied to arrive at solutions to design problems. Some of the specific research areas include CAD and 3D data acquisition technologies: geometrical modelling schemes, X-ray tomography, photogrammetry and image-based modelling systems; Rapid prototyping: advances in rapid prototyping technologies; Bio-inspired routes: fractal geometry, soft computing tools like neural networks, genetic algorithms for various inverse design and optimization problems.


He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of functional and conceptual design, design for manufacturing and assembly, computer aided design, optimization and rapid product development.

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