Optimization for Engineering Design
September 26th to October 01st 2016

Organized by:
Center for Continuing Education &
Department of Engineering Design, IIT Madras

Sponsored by:
All India Council for Technical Education

Short term course on:
Optimization for Engineering Design

Scarcity of time, resources and the need for efficiency has forced designers to look for better designs. Often times, it is a challenge for engineers to design efficient and cost-effective systems without compromising the integrity of the system. The conventional design process is a trial and error procedure that depends on the designer's intuition, experience and skill. Though one might be able to identify a feasible design, the quest for enhanced performance leads to the design optimization process. Optimization is the process of identifying the best way to use the available resources while not violating any of the constraints imposed. The short term course proposed aims in updating the knowledge of engineering education providers as well as industry participants in most important aspects of design optimization. The course will cover concepts of basic optimum design problem formulation and mathematical techniques for its solution. There will be lectures about emerging trends in optimization like genetic algorithms, response surface modelling and using them for real time application like industrial product design.