Product Design and Engineering
October 21st to 25th 2013

Organized by:
Center for Continuing Education &
Department of Engineering Design, IIT Madras

Sponsored by:
All India Council for Technical Education

Short term course on:
Product Design and Engineering

In the current era, sustainable product development involves the efficient evaluation of multiple alternatives within the constraints of time and cost. Owing to the complex nature of modern technology, often a large team is required to design and develop a major new product. This introduces additional issues of organization and communication. To succeed in a new venture, the design process must be planned carefully and executed systematically. In particular, an engineering design method must integrate the many different aspects of design in such a way that the whole process becomes logical and comprehensible. To that end, the design process must be broken down, first into phases, and then into distinct steps, each with its own working methods. This course aims to present a systematic engineering design process encompassing the latest developments in general theory and practice. The lab components of the course will impart hands-on experience in design practices.