Areas of Research at ADOPT

Research at ADOPT primarily revolves around using probability and statistics, optimization, learning models and Finite element methods(FEM). The team investigates problems of varied interests in different areas ranging from Uncertainty treatment,optimal designs of computer models built in FEM, decision support systems in aerospace, agriculture and social sciences to digital twins and design space exploration.

Specific Research Topics:

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  1. Design for Environmental Excellence: Sustainability based Design Optimization (01-08-2016 to 31-03-2018), Uchhatar Avishkar Yojana (UAY), MHRD-Siemens Technology services Pvt Ltd -57,98,000 INR
  2. A Decision Support System for pilot landing in adverse conditions: taking advantage of understanding uncertainties, Feb 2015-Feb 2018, Aerospace Research & Development Board -Systems Panel.-47,04,500 INR
  3. [Co-PI]
  4. Enhancement and field trials of free and open source GIS software, 09-03-2012 to 08-03-2015, Department of Land Resources - 56,47,200 INR
  5. Internally funded at IITM
  6. [Mentor] Design and development of a vertical axis wind turbine, 27-09-2013 to 26-07-2014, IITM Innovative Student Project
  7. [Co-PI] HuMotor: A humane way to utilize human efforts at a workplace, IITM Socially Relevant Projects grant - 3,00,000 INR
  8. [PI]PP-GIS desicion support system for farmers, IITM Socially Relevant Projects grant,-3,00,000 INR 24-01-2013 to 23-01-2014
  9. [PI] Fatigue based reliabile designs, 01-11-2010 to 31-12-2013, IITM seed grant -2,25,000 INR


  1. Topology optimization of steering column bracket, 01-06-2019 to 30-06-2019
  2. Design space exploration using Self Organising Maps, 01-07-2019 to 31-01-2020
  3. Watch rejection analysis and ways to detect them, 01-03-2019 to 31-12-2019
  4. Characterization of Glass and Carbon fiber reinforced composite laminates (03-07-2017 to 27-08-2018), Siemens Technology and Services pvt Ltd
  5. An investigation of using L-moments for efficient robust design (01-08-2016 to 01-11-2018),Siemens Technology and Services pvt Ltd
  6. Meta modeling for automotive FEM/CFD/Crash use cases (15-04-2016 to current),Icube Consulting Services
  7. Innovative coated abrasives design (01, 2016 to 08 – 2016),Saint Gobain Research India
  8. Development of a suitable system to reduce noice generated during SSTP tube manufacturing stages, 30-05-2014 To 30-05-2015,Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
  9. Innovative bicycle design, 21-02-2014 To 20-02-2015, Ricycle'N City Pvt. Ltd.
  10. Watch case, modular jewelry and statically balanced kitchen cabinet designs, 02-02-2014 To 01-03-2015, Titan Company Ltd.
  11. An expanding air bag concept for drying in washing machines. 01-09-2013 to 21-12-2013, Whirlpool India Ltd
  12. An investigation of alternate water extraction mechanisms in a vertical axis washing machine (03-2013 to 02-2014)
  13. [Co-PI]
  14. To ideate and explore different strategies for openable tailgate mechanisms for automobiles, 01-01-2015 to 01-08-2015, Saint Gobain India Ltd.
  15. Stability Analysis of Load Haul Dumper (05-2014 to 12-2015), BEL ltd
  16. HuMotor: A Humane way to utilize Human Efforts, 31-03-2014 To 31-03-2016, Building Materials & Technology Promotion.
  17. Redesign of the pedal-- driven agarbatti making machine,26-05-2014 To 25-05-2015,Navachaitanya Urban & Rural Development Society
  18. Enhancing water proofing for wrist watches of edge watch,20-12-2013 To 19-03-2015, Titan Company Ltd.
  19. Analysis and design of regulating vane control (RVC) mechanism, 15-07-2012 to 31-12-2013, Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited