Students who work/worked with me are listed in this page with details of their work. If you are interested to know more about the work of my current students, you can write to them directly
DD- Dual Degree. BTech- Engineering Design & MTech - Automotive or Biomedical specialization

Current Students

Balasubramanian Ramachandran     Degree: Ph.D (Jan 2014 -current)
(External candidate from Caterpillar, India)
Quantifying uncertainties in Fatigue based design.

Srirarm     Degree: Ph.D (Jan 2014-Current)
(External candidate from Gas Turbine Research Establishment, India)
Configuration control for change management

Aishwarya     Degree: Ph.D (July 2014 - Current)
(External candidate from Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship)
Farmer producer organisations

Deepan Jayaraman     Degree: Ph.D. (July 2015 - Current)
Data driven structural reliability

Sivakumar A     Degree: M.S (July 2016- current)
Sustainability based design optimisation

Sidhant Pravinkumar Thole     Degree: M.S (July 2017- current)
Machine learning based surrogates

Project associates

Kiran Paneerselvam K     (July 2016- current)
Importance sampling

Former Students

Nagesh Kolagani     Degree: Ph.D (July 2011- June 2016)
Model Calibration and Evaluation for Participatory Planning of Resource Management Systems

Faculty, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Chittoor

Edward Jero     Degree: Ph.D (Dec 2011 -Apr 2016)
ECG Steganography using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Singular Value Decomposition.

Sr. Design Engineer, Karuvee Innovations Pvt Ltd.

Former Project associates
  1. Arvind Elangovan - July 2016- July 2017(Graduate student, Texas A & M, as of August 2017)

  2. Harshal Kaushik - Oct 2015 to Dec 2016 (Graduate student, Oklahoma State University as of December 2016)

  3. Raghavi B - March 2016 to Nov 2016 (Graduate School, University of New South Wales, as of December 2016)

  4. Santhana Barathi (Siemens India, as of May 2017)

  5. Sivasankar Arul (Masters student, Erasmus program, as of March 2017)

  6. Thej Kiran (Masters at TU Delft, Jr. Design Engineer - Mapper Lithography, Netherlands as of March 2017)

  7. Former DD Project Students
    1. Akhil Sai Matha: Conditional Probabilistic Sufficiency Factor based reliability analysis

    2. Mohammed Thanzeel: Recursive Convex hull based design space decomposition

    3. Naga Sowjanya: Device to measure pressure on suture during surgeries

    4. 2016
    5. Sachin Sunny: Importance sampling based techniques for failure probability estimation

    6. Harshad Dahake: Data-driven approach to anomaly detection in manufacturing processes

    7. Piyush Jadhav (Co-guided with Prof. Sunetra Sarkar, Dept. Aero Engg): Airborne wind energy: Motion dynamics analysis of energy generating power wing

    8. Vishaal Dhamotharan: Design and development of non-invasive analgesic device

    9. Rohan Chavan: Shape Variations and Shape Error Metric in 3D Printing

    10. 2014
    11. Nithin Madasu: Estimating the Shape of a Machined Feature from Tool Position Data in Three-Axis Milling

    12. Kiran Pannerselvam: Reliability based Topology Optimization

    13. Arpit Dixit: Probabilistic Design Optimization

    14. 2013
    15. Manoj Krishna: Failure Domain based Tail Modelling using Adaptive Convell Hull Approach

    16. Kiran Kumar: Reliability Synthesis of Path Generating Linkages and Cost Optimization Using Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm

    17. Koushik Reddy: A Simplified Physics Based Lattice Model For Fracture

    18. Naramsimha J L: An Investigation of CVaR based Tail Modelling

    19. Sahil Ali: Treatment of Uncertainties using Microscale Modelling in Unidirectional Composites

    20. 2012
    21. Sailesh Kolachana: A Computational Framework for the Design and Analysis of Savonius Wind Turbine

    22. Sriram Charan: Genetic Algorithm based Optimization of Wind Turbine Blades: A Comparison of Multi-point Optimization and Probabilistic Weighted Optimization

    23. Karthik Sambamoorthy:A Response Ranking Based Efficient Sampling Scheme for Tail Modelling

    24. Imran Parvez (co-guided by Dr. Venkatesh Balasubramanian): Generation of 3D Parametric Finite Element model of Thoracolumbar Spine for Dynamic Analysis

    25. 2011
    26. Aneesh Balasubramanian (Current: Deloitte US-India, Bangalore, India): Investigation of Tail Extrapolation Models for High Reliability Estimates

    27. Vamsi Mohan Ch(Co-guided with Dr.Srikanth Vedantham) (Current: Bosch India Ltd, Bangalore, India): Integration of a High Pressure Sensor in Rail-less Direct Injection Systems of Compression Ignition Engines

    28. Dinesh Murali Krishna (Aerospace Department) : Response Surface Based Probabilistic Optimization of MacPherson Strut for Side Loads

    Summer Interns

    1. Aishwarya Mathrubootham: Development of a Virtual Simulator for Testing Sensor Response

    2. Jagdheesh Killuru: A Cost Effective Mechanical Model for Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in Sitting Position

    3. Neil Shah: A CFD Study of Magnus Effect

    4. Rishika Khandelwal : Noise Filter and Response Extraction Using Wireless Sensor Nodes

    5. Vardhan Jain : A Spring Lattice Approach for Micro Level Modelling of Materials and Prediction of SNP curves

    6. 2011
    7. Harish Ganapathy : Alpha Shape based Design Space Decomposition for Island Failure Regions

    8. Poornima Madhini and Vyabini Shankar: Development of Solar Still

    9. 2010
    10. Anand TR: L-Moments based Reliability Estimation

    11. Surya Teja and Ravi Teja: Reliability based Topology Optimization