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Dual Degree and M.Tech Students

No. Name Thesis Title Graduated Year
18 Pranjal Deep Learning approach for Classification of 3D Models 2019
17 Ganesh Deep Learning based Shadow detection in imges of 3D Models 2019
16 Abhigna Algorithm for shortest path computation 2019
15 Narasimha Murthy J. L. Semantic Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds using Deep Learning 2018
14 Angom Geetchandra Part Level Segmentation and Classification of 3D Models 2018
13 Bhargava Ramu A Machine Learning approach for Classification and Segmentation of 3D Models 2018
12 Neeraj Gadkari An Efficient Algorithm to Compute Voronoi diagrams in 3D 2017
11 Kumar Mridul Design and Development of Portable Virtual Reality Headset 2016
10 Abhijith Chunduru Segmentation of Brain MRI using Convolutional Neural Networks 2015
9 Anzal Ansari Algorithm to compute Voronoi diagrams of 3D Shapes 2015
8 Sarang Joshi Illumination Satisfaction in the presence of Obstacles 2015
7 Siddharth Thakur Clustering of GPS data and identifying location 2014
6 Yeshwant Reddy HyperSphere-based algorithm for n-dimensional Voronoi diagram 2014
5 Ameya Karve Feature identification from a mesh model 2014
4 Shitanshu Kusmakar Mandible Reconstruction 2014
3 Amal Dev Parakkat A Graph-based Geometric Approach to Contour Extraction from Noisy Binary Images 2014
2 Anu G. Krishnan Kinetic Gabriel Graph 2014
1 Dr. Sowmya A Study on vector control for Transport Distraction Osteogenesis for midline continuity defects 2011

Project Associate / Contributors

Name(s) Project Title Sponsored by
Kumar Mridul, Ankur Tiwary, Mehak Preet and Rudram Piplad Optimization of 3D Printing Using Virtual Reality Autodesk India Pvt. Ltd.