Geometric Modeling and CAD

Assignment 3 (B-spline curve/surface)(Submission deadline: 17.11.2011)

Notes on 2D Transformation

Sample code for rotation and file input    Sample input file    PDF on input from file

Assignment 2 (Hermite/Bezier surface)(Submission deadline: 27.09.2011, 2pm for Hermite Surface, For the Bezier surface, 12.10.2011)

Assignment 1 (Hermite curve)(Submission deadline: 29.08.2011, 2pm)

Notes on Affine and Convex combination

Notes on points and vectors

Class timings (for July-Nov 2011)

Course syllabus (subjected to minor changes)



    First of all, the student should show willingness to learn. This course will require the students to possess basic knowledge on "C" programming (which they would have gained through ED1200, Introduction to computation and visualization). As the course is only in the third semester, students have sufficient time (during their holidays) to brush up their C programming and learn the basics/update OpenGL knowledge. In particular, the students should start learning on dynamic memory allocation for single, double, triple pointers and random number generation. The course is a combination of mathematical foundations and implementation of curves, surfaces and solids. Students are expected to put in a lot of effort during this course, as is the case for other courses.

Installation and downloadables

Grading Policy

  • Six Assignments - 30 marks

  • Two quizzes - 15 marks each

  • End Semester - 40 marks

Attendance Policy

  • Attendance will be taken at the start of each class, and NOT towards the end.

  • Students will get atttendance for the class only if they enter before I finish my call for all student names.

  • Absent for medical reason should be supported by medical certificate from appropriate authority.

  • Mid-semester attendance report will be sent to all the students (or only the class leader). Students, short of attendance, are supposed to take corrective action.

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