Welcome to the Advanced Geometric Computing Lab (AGCL)

The primary focus areas of Advanced Geometric Computing Lab (AGCL) are in Geometric Computing and Geometry Processing spanning fields such as Geometric Modeling, Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics, Image Processing. Nevertheless, Geometry has wider implications and it is almost unimaginable not to have geometry component in any field/area.

The research is a cross-breed between Geometric Modeling (curves/surfaces/solid model as input) and Computational Geometry (point-sets/polygons/polydedra). The focus areas are on Feature recognition and suppression in CAD Models, Decomposition, Computing Medial axis transform, Voronoi Diagram, Midsurface abstraction, 3D Model Search. Art-gallery and shortest path problems in curved domain are also under our umbrella.

In Computer Graphics, the foucs in on Reconstruction from point-sets (both in 2D and 3D), Interactive sketching/inflation, Mesh processing including segmentation, decompostion, search and retrieval of similar models (full and partial search), Correspondence.

In image processing (including Biomedical images), the problems that are look at are Primitive detection from images of CAD models, Objects recognition and classiffication, Image search, MS/Tumor detection.

Research Problems in AGCL

Related Researcher's web links

  • Medial Axis Transform - 3D MAT, 2.5D MAT, 2D MAT, CGGC , MIT Design Lab
  • Mid-surface generation
  • 3D Model search - Princeton, Aim@shape, Purdue

    Image Processing

    Zhang's page , Remco's page
  • Semantic-based approach
  • Learning-based approaches - supervised and unsupervised
  • Relevance feedback approach

    Computer Graphics

    Mesh Models
  • Mesh deformation - UIUC's
  • Symmetry Detection - Stanford Graphics Lab
  • Mesh parameterization - Levy's , Alla sheffer's
  • Mesh segmentation - Ayellet's , Ariel Shamir's , Daniel's
  • Skeletonization - Shraf's , Funkhouser's
  • 3D Model search - Ran Gal's , Funkhouser's , Fedkiw's
  • Visibility problem

    Point-set Models - Vijay's , Tamal Dey's , Edelsbrunner's

  • Parameterization
  • Identify holes and genus
  • Segmentation
  • Skeletonization
  • Visibility problem

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