A slide on my research can be found here.


As part of ongoing research, the AUTOMOTIVE CONTROL LABORATORY has been set up. The research objectives are:


       Dynamic Model Based Analysis of Vehicle Systems.

       Model Based Control Systems.

       Development of Next Generation Vehicular Safety Systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (particularly for heavy commercial road vehicles).

       Design and Development of Regenerative Braking and Optimal Powertrains in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles suited for Indian conditions and investigate their effects on Vehicle Dynamic Response.


The expected deliverables of this laboratory are:


       Advanced Vehicle Stability Control for heavy road vehicles – Electro-pneumatic brakes, Wheel longitudinal slip regulation (Antilock Brake System), Collision Avoidance, Yaw stability and Roll stability.

       Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Optimal design of hybrid powertrain, Regenerative braking and its effect on vehicle dynamic response, Integration with vehicle stability systems.

       Control of Autonomous Ground Vehicles.


A poster of the ongoing activities in this laboratory can be found here.


A poster on the work (done in 2013) on a BICYCLE ASSIST DEVICE can be found here. This poster was presented in the 2013 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition.


The following collaborative research projects are being pursued:


1.     Detection and prevention of rollover in heavy commercial vehicles (with Prof. R. Krishnakumar,

2.     Transportation systems: Mathematical modelling of Indian traffic, model based estimation of traffic variables, real time bus arrival prediction system, model based traffic control (with Prof. V. Lelitha Devi,