Automotive Control Laboratory


      Electronic Stability Control

      Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

o   Rollover detection and prevention

o   Collision warning and avoidance

      Power train modelling and performance analysis of hybrid electric vehicles

      Heading control of autonomous ground vehicles

      Regenerative brake system for Indian vehicles considering its effects on vehicle dynamics

      Fault diagnostics and health monitoring of brake systems




I. Hardware in Loop setup for Heavy Vehicle Brake System

1.     Real time truck simulator (IPG  Xpack 4)

2.     National Instrument Compact RIO 9024 FPGA Controller 

3.     Conventional pneumatic brake setup

a.     Kollmorgen electro mechanical actuator with Danaher Servo drive for treadle valve actuation

4.     Electro-pneumatic brake  setup

Description: Setup.jpg

a.     SMC electro pneumatic regulators

b.     SMC pressure sensors

c.     SMC Flow sensors

d.     Gefran linear potentiometer

5.     Steering system with force feedback

Description: 20150615_123654.jpg


II. Air spring suspension experimental setup

Description: WP_20150601_15_14_19_Pro.jpg


III. Scaled quarter car model test setup (Quanser)

IV. Scaled prototype of a truck for rollover testing



Vehicle dynamics simulation software

TruckMaker &  TruckSim

 Vehicle dynamics simulation of heavy commercial vehicles, articulated lorries, buses and heavy tractor-trailers.


Vehicle dynamics simulation of passenger cars, race cars and lightweight trucks.

ADVISOR Advanced Vehicle Simulator (Open source)

NRELs ADvanced VehIcle SimulatOR, is a set of model, data, and script text files for use with Matlab and Simulink for rapid analysis of the performance and fuel economy of conventional, electric, and hybrid vehicles.


Ph.D. Students:

1.     Shubhasisa Sahoo

2.     C. S. Nanda Kumar

3.     M. Jatheendranath

4.     Vignesh Rajaram


M.S. Students:


1.     M. Nagendran

2.     Swagata Borthakur


Dual Degree Students:


1.     K. Abhishek

2.     Y. Hari Prakash

3.     Saikrishna Swargam




M.S. Students:


1.     P. Karthikeyan

2.     Sonawane Dinesh Bhagawant

3.     Subhajit Mahanty

4.     K. Balasakthivel

5.     Vikas Gautam


Dual Degree Students:


1.     Vineet Bhandari

2.     Y. S. R. Rajeev Kumar

3.     K. Srinidhi

4.     N. Jagga Raju

5.     Swapnil Jain

6.     Sayantan Biswas

7.     G. G. Surya Teja Reddy

8.     K. Siddhartha Vivekanand

9.     Prince Arora

10.  D. Meherish

11.  Patel Sanjay Amrutlal

12.  G. Remya

13.  Dheeraj Vemula

14.  Vishal Singh

15.  Krishna Kashampur

16.  Mani Hemanth D.