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MASTER OF SCIENCE (M. S., by Research)


[1]. P. Karthikeyan, Development and Modelling of an Electropneumatic Brake System for Commercial Vehicles, July 2010.


[2]. Sonawane Dinesh Bhagawant, An Experimentally Corroborated Dynamic Model for the Mechanical Subsystem of an Air Brake, July 2011.


[3]. Subhajit Mahanty, A Nonlinear Model Based Slip Controller for Heavy Commercial Vehicles, July 2011.


[4]. Ameena Salim Padiath, Estimation of Spatial Traffic Variables using Location Based Data under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions, July 2012 (Co-Guide: Prof. V. Lelitha Devi).


[5]. K. Mythreyi, Closed Loop Control of a Nonlinear Glucose-Insulin Regulatory System Considering Practical Delays, July 2014 (Co-Guide: Prof. R. Krishnakumar).


[6]. K. Balasakthivel, Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Fuel-Lubrication Oil Mixing and Flow through Micro Clearances to Estimate Leakages in a Fuel Injection  Pump, July 2015.


[7]. Vikas Gautam, Mathematical Modeling and Control an Electro-Pneumatic Braking System for Heavy Commercial Road Vehicles, July 2015.


[8]. Shrikant Fulari Gurunath, Traffic State Estimation under Uncertain Sensor Data, July 2016 (Co-Guide: Prof. V. Lelitha Devi).


DUAL DEGREE (B. Tech. and M. Tech.): Only a few representative projects are presented.


[1]. Astitva Tripathi, Analysis of Indian traffic towards travel time and congestion prediction, May 2010.


[2]. Vineet Bhandari, Development of an electronically controlled pneumatic suspension for commercial vehicles, May 2010.


[3]. Y. S. R. Rajeev Kumar, A linear model for an electro-pneumatic brake system towards controller development, May 2010.


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[10]. Mani Hemanth D., “Planar dynamics of an articulated four-wheeled vehicle,” June 2015.


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