Optimization for Engineering Design
September 3rd to 7th 2012

Organized by:
Center for Continuing Education &
Department of Engineering Design, IIT Madras

Sponsored by:
All India Council for Technical Education

Short term course on:
Optimization for Engineering Design

Optimization is the art of maximizing the benefits subject to prevailing constraints. Competition driven continued quest for better designs without compromising the product integrity is driving engineers towards adopting optimization techniques. In order for an engineer to adopt and practise optimization for design, there is need to understand the basic concept of optimization and associated implementation techniques. This is necessary because often times, practical problems require modifying existing approaches or developing new frameworks with existing concepts. This short term course aims at introducing the basic concepts of optimization and mathematical techniques involved in the design of engineering systems. The emphasis is on the process of optimal design rather than optimization theory. Most design problems can be formulated as optimization problems. Once this is accomplished, the concepts and techniques covered in the course allow one to solve the problem. Application of optimization techniques in design with the help of CAD and Finite Element Methods and advanced topics on topology optimization, Genetic algorithms, approximation techniques like response surface methods and multiobjective optimization are covered.