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"The mission of the programme is to make IIT Madras a global centre of excellence in Engineering Design"

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Message from the Head of the Department

    Welcome to the Department of Engineering Design, one of the most vibrant departments at IIT Madras.

    The emerging need for highly qualified and motivated design professionals to spearhead the economic growth of the country through innovative research and development  was one of the main reasons for starting the Engineering Design program at IIT Madras in the year 2005. Initially started as a dual degree program with a specialisation in automotive engineering, it was converted to a full-fledged department in 2006. The department now offers two dual degree programs leading to B.Tech. in Engineering design and M.Tech in automotive engineering or biomedical design, with an option for the students to choose an interdisciplinary M.Tech in Robotics. Department of Engineering Design is the only interdisciplinary department in the country with a very specific focus on form design and functional design, with domain expertise.

    The curriculum for the 5-year dual degree program is carefully crafted to ensure that the students get a well-rounded education to meet the requirements of the industry. While the focus in the formative years (year 1 to 3) is on fundamentals of mathematics, science and engineering, graphic art, design, and aesthetics, focus shifts to domain specialisation and skill development in the 4th and 5th years. A compulsory industry internship for 6-months makes the ED dual degree program very unique. This internship prepares the students to understand the real-life engineering problems and their solution strategies. In summary, the dual degree program offered by the department provides a comprehensive skill set for the students to develop as well-groomed designers to meet the growing need for design professionals in the industry. During the last 15 years, ED has produced many highly accomplished designers and entrepreneurs, and many of them are in the leading positions in India and abroad.

    Apart from the dual degree programs, the department offers MS and Ph.D. programs also. We have a group of highly qualified and committed faculty who engage in cutting edge research in their area of research specialisation.

    You are welcome to contact me for any further information about the department, academic programs, or research and development activities.

    Dr. Shankar Ram C S
    Professor and Head
    Department of Engineering Design


    The Department offers:

        1. Dual-Degree Program in Automotive Engineering

        2. Dual-Degree Program in Biomedical Design

        3. Inter-Disciplinary Dual-Degree Program in Robotics

        4. Master of Science(M.S.) by Research

        5. Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D)


    "From concept to a component that meets a desired function". aptly describes Engineering Design. It is a decision-making process, often iterative, in which the basic sciences and the engineering sciences are applied to convert resources optimally to meet a stated objective.Students are introduced to the design process in the first year along with fundamental mathematics, science and engineering, graphic art, design, and asthetics. They are trained not only on the mechanical aspects of design, but also in electronics, controls, and embedded systems for all round skill development. Courses in geometric modelling, finite elements, materials engineering, automotive engineering, robotics and biomedical device engineering are also offered.



  • Providing a balanced mix of theory and practice, the curriculum also includes courses in business management, economics, foreign language and ethics. The department has several state-of-the-art facilities including graphic arts studios and modern laboratories for automotive systems, automotive engines, computer aided design, rapid prototyping, ergonomics mechatronics, product design, controls and vehicle dynamics.

  • The program has been planned in conjunction with major manufacturing and product engineering companies right from its inception. A unique feature of out curriculum is the semester-long internship in the industry during which our students work on a 'live' project and receive exposure to current global design practices.